Food heaven or hell

We all have foods we love and hate, but as a nation what do we collectively deem food heaven and food hell? And what’s the key to turning something you don’t like into something you crave?

G’day I’m John Torode and today I’m here to talk about food heaven and food hell.

The nation was asked what’s their favorite food – we made up a list – it’s called food heaven. What was the food they don’t like to eat – we made up a list and it’s called food hell.

I think in my whole world that most food actually comes from heaven. Some of it comes from hell. But the people at BBC good food have decided to publish this great survey and I tell you what there’s some interesting findings.

Food hell number 1 - liver

Number one on hell list is liver which I think is quite interesting actually because liver comes in many forms.
I love chicken livers I think they’re delicious quickly fried. Brilliant with fettuccine and a little bit of chilli. As far as calves liver I think slice it really really thinly loads of onion loads of bacon and don’t serve a lot of it but lots of potatoes.

Food hell number 2 - fish

I think the world has gone a little bit crazy because in food hell number two on
the list is fish.
Fish has bones let’s be fair about it but the thing is I think most people are overcooking fish. Cook the fish for half as long as you think it needs to be cooked for.
If you think a piece of fish needs to be cooked for 10 minutes cook it just for five. Honestly it’ll be far far better. And let it sit to one side while you get everything else ready

Food hell number 3 - brussels sprouts

It has to be said that the nation is not a fan of Brussels sprouts.
Number three on the hell list is Brussels sprouts however if they are just shaved or sliced very very thinly and cooked in a mixture of a little bit of butter and a little bit of water for about 10 minutes with lots and lots of pepper and served in small quantities they can be delicious.
Actually I tell you what Brussels sprout coleslaw is a fine fine thing.

Food hell number 4 - mushrooms

How mushrooms made under food hell list I have absolutely no idea. Mushrooms in any way shape or form I’d be very very happy with.
On pizza I think they are fantastic. Whole big mushrooms underneath the grill with garlic butter grilled until they’re lovely and soft served with toast and a soft-boiled egg a fantastic thing.  But if you don’t like the mushrooms that’s your problem give them to me and I’ll eat the whole lot.

Food hell number 5 - curry

The crazy nation that we are has decided that there are foods on both lists.
Both pasta is on food heaven and food hell as is curry. Curry on food heaven and on food hell?
It shows the nation is divided that we now see that curry is the nation’s new Marmite you either love it or you hate it but the simple fact is curry is here to stay as is pasta.


food heaven - pasta

food heaven - curry

Chicken, pasta and cheese are the nation’s favourite foods, whilst traditional food hates such as liver and Brussels sprouts continue to make it onto the food hell top ten. But while marmite’s name is synonymous with being loved and hated in equal measures it’s now curry has stolen the spread’s crown as the food we most love or hate. In a survey of the nation’s views on food by BBC Good Food, curry was named fifth in a list of food heaven but fourth in a list of food hell. Marmite meanwhile was 7th most hated but nowhere to be seen in most loved, 74th.

The survey also revealed that when we’re feeling down, our go-to food is chicken soup, beating the bacon sandwich, a slice of toast, and hot chocolate. However, 19 per cent of men said they would choose a bacon sandwich over anything if they’re feeling down.

Eight-eight per cent of Brits admitted to snacking between meals, with 23 per cent of women preferring fruit while 17 per cent of men grab a packet of crisps. The survey also found that 31 per cent of us skip breakfast frequently, 19 per cent skip lunch, and 14 per cent skip dinner.

John Torode is best known for presenting BBC One’s MasterChef with Gregg Wallace. He began his career working at Conran Group’s restaurants but is now one of the most recognisable celebrity chefs on British television. He is a regular presenter and guest chef on Saturday Kitchen Live.