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Michel Roux Recipes


Michel Roux Jr.

Michel Roux Jr. is one of Britain’s most highly respected and best loved chefs. The name Roux has grand connotations in UK kitchens and Michel Roux Jr. is of almost culinary blue blood.
His father Albert and Uncle Michel Roux were the first British chefs to achieve three Michelin stars for their London restaurant Le Gavroche.

Michel Jr trained in classical French cookery at Le Gavroche, as well as other restaurants in London, Hong Kong and, of course, Paris. This included military service working in the kitchens of the Elysee Palace.

Desserts have been a lifelong passion for Michel Roux and he is widely regarded as an authority on them. Here he gives you step-by-step recipes to guide you through specific techniques. This superb collection of over 120 recipes includes desserts for all seasons and to suit all occasions


Illustrated throughout with stunning photographs by award-winning photographer Martin Brigdale, “Eggs” contains a compilation of the best 100 egg recipes. Each chapter is arranged around a style of cooking eggs from boiling, frying, poaching, baking and scrambling; how to make the perfect omelette, mousse, souffle and custard


A collection of over 250 Michel Roux’s finest recipes for all seasons and to suit all occasions. The book is divided into 9 chapters: Breakfast and brunch; Starters; Fish and shellfish; Poultry, meat and game; Vegetables, eggs and cheese; Desserts; Baking; Party food; Stocks and sauces

Michel Roux Recipes

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