Victorinox knives

Victorinox knives

Victorinox is based in Switzerland and are the only knife manufacturer that supplies their product to the Swiss army.

Independent surveys have regularly voted Victorinox as the No.1 preferred cook’s knife, and are regarded by industry professionals as the best quality and value for money product on the market today.  In this price range you will find no better knives than Victorinox .

The blades are hardened, annealed and sharpened to produce knives which hold their edge well, yet are easy to maintain. They offer a Lifetime Guarantee which means that if the knife was damaged somehow, all you need to do is send it back to Victorinox and they will send you a brand new replacement, free of charge.

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Victorinox Fibrox

The workhorse of the range – non–slip, ergonomic in design, sterilisable and durable. This handle is preferred in most commercial applications for chefs and butchers. Available in Black, Red, Yellow and Blue where distinction in food preparation areas is required. The 12cm Victorinox Fibrox Cooks Knife can be bought for around £14.

Victorinox Microban

Built into the Fibrox handle during manufacture, Microban provides continuous protection against bacteria for the life of the knife. Upon contact with bacteria, Microban penetrates the bacteria’s cell wall and destroys its ability to function, grow and reproduce. Particularly applicable for institutional kitchens and healthcare facilities where hygiene is critical, the handle is distinguishable by its dark blue colour. The 19cm Chefs Knife costs approximately £20.

Victorinox Polypropylene

This nylon material is used on the small paring knives and table ware. A cost effective solution for small knives, they are available in black, red, blue & white. Victorinox are very aware of food safety and provide colour coded knives to ensure hygiene in your kitchen.  They sell this ideal starter Knife Set complete with 6 items including 10″ Cooks Knife & Wallet for just over £60 that’s only £10 a knife !

Victorinox Ceramic

The Victorinox Ceramic knives are manufactured to a percentage of almost 100% from high-purity zirconium oxide, making them almost as hard as diamond. As a result the blades remain sharp over a very long periods and offer an impressively high cutting quality. Ceramic is inert and therefore totally neutral to taste and odour. Also it is anti-allergic, resistant to acids and very easy to clean due to its very high density.
The Victorinox Ceramic Cook Knife costs around £95.