Saturday Kitchen Recipes 29 Oct 2016

POPULAR RIGHT NOW top Saturday Kitchen recipes

Butternut  squash and lime soup
Prep 20m Cook 20m Serve 10

Stuffed pork loin and dauphinoise potatoes
Prep 30m Cook 2h Serve 16

Waffles, strawberry compote, ice cream
Prep 20m Cook 20m Serve 4


SATURDAY KITCHEN RECIPES from this weeks show


Andy Oliver

Fish cloud with green mango salad (yum pla foo)

Andy’s passion is cooking Thai food. Since UK Masterchef he’s had been working at Nahm London, Bo.Lan in Bangkok and is currently working at the beggingbowl in Peckham.

donal-skehan saturday kitchen recipes

Donal Skehan

Chilli and lemongrass pork with fried rice

Chocolate lava cake

vivek-singh saturday kitchen recipes

Vivek Singh

Prathas stuffed with lamb

Vivek Singh is one of the most respected modern Indian chefs in the country, with three renowned London restaurants to his name including the authentic dining experience of The Cinnamon Club

Each chapter is accompanied by menus of inspiring and delicious ideas for dinner parties and entertaining friends this book is bursting with gorgeous recipes to make all year round

Donal offers up brilliant recipes for busy and energetic lifestyles, from everyday eating with family and friends, to restorative meals to nurture and nourish

A brilliant marriage between Indian spicing and Western culinary styles. Vivek’s 110-strong collection includes both modern dishes from his home in India and his home in Britain


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Donal Skehan hosts this weeks Saturday Kitchen  – a cookery show full of mouth-watering food, great chefs and celebrity guests. Viewers get to vote on which recipe will be prepared for the guest at the end of the episode. Also featured is a regular wine-tasting segment.

Saturday Kitchen has become a national institution and its enduring popularity shows how food has moved from functional niche to ‘mainstream lifestyle’. Its theme tune is now as much a signifier of a Saturday as a leisurely late breakfast, visiting the shops or Match of the Day.
Millions start the weekend by waking up to Saturday Kitchen and an assortment of chefs and celebrities with books or films to promote, with the show competing with the more traditional talk show formats as a number one choice for agents. Meanwhile the Saturday Kitchen recipes, the memorable ‘food heaven and hell’ and the ongoing ‘omelette challenge’ are now part of the national lexicon.