Saturday Kitchen Recipes 08 Apr 2017

Saturday Kitchen Recipes 08 Apr 2017

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SATURDAY KITCHEN RECIPES from this weeks show

Olia Hercules

Leith’s-trained chef, recipe writer and food stylist Olia honed her cooking skills in the fiery kitchens of Ottolenghi then worked as a freelance recipe tester and developer for a variety of food magazines

Duck and sorrel broth (green borscht)

Olia Hercules recipes

Matt Tebbutt

Matt Tebbut hosts this weeks Saturday Kitchen

Roasted aubergine purée with sweet potato, wild rice, spring onions and spinach

Ox cheeks braised in red wine with creamy mash, sautéed tongue and asparagus

Cape Malay vegetarian curry

Matt Tebbutt recipes

 Freddie Forster

Now head chef at D&D London’s Le Pont de la Tour, Freddie is one of only four chefs to have won a Roux scholarship and been a National Chef Of The Year (2012)

Marinated red mullet with okra and pea fritters and fried plantain

Freddie Forster recipes

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