Saturday Kitchen Recipes 08 Jul 2017

Saturday Kitchen Recipes 08 Jul 2017

SATURDAY KITCHEN RECIPES from this weeks show

Neil Rankin

Neil has pioneered London’s high end barbecue scene with his restaurants Smokehouse and temper. His groundbreaking book Low and Slow: How to cook meat is highly acclaimed by chefs and critics as a definitive guide to meat cookery.

Chipotle miso chicken

Neil Rankin recipes

Matt Tebbutt

Matt Tebbut is this weeks host of  Saturday Kitchen live

Spiced marinated chicken with grilled pineapple and green bean chutney

Cauliflower couscous with mushroom-crusted lamb

Scallops and prawns with ham butter, peas and broad beans

Matt Tebbutt recipes

Andi Oliver

Andi has worked in on TV and radio for over two decades. She was announced as the new host of Great British Menu in 2016, starting for the 2017 series. When she isn’t broadcasting, she co-runs the SugarShack restaurant in London with Kelly Miles.

Seared steak and gözleme with aioli and roast tomatoes

Andi Oliver recipes

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Mary Berry Cooks after Saturday Kitchen

Mary Berry gives advice on making a casual weekday supper for sharing around the kitchen table with friends or family. She prepares a Mediterranean platter of houmous, breadsticks, roasted vegetables and tomato and mozzarella salad, as well as lamb dhansak, cottage pie topped with dauphinoise potatoes, and a pasta dish that takes just 15 minutes. She also shows to make elderflower cordial and a crunchy apple crumble

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SATURDAY KITCHEN RECIPES from previous programmes

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