Saturday Kitchen Recipes 11 Nov 2017

SATURDAY KITCHEN RECIPES from this weeks show

Selin Kiazim

In 2015, Selin set up her restaurant OKLAVA in Shoreditch, London, with her business partner, Laura Christie. Selin’s food and menu takes inspiration from her Turkish Cypriot heritage and is focused around communal eating and encouraging conversations about food by sharing dishes between diners

Spiced beef and bulgur wheat koftes

Selin Kiazam recipes

Matt Tebbutt

Matt Tebbutt hosts this weeks Saturday Kitchen Live

Sea bass with cockle popcorn, sea vegetables and cockle butter sauce

Sautéed red mullet and sauerkraut with smoked bacon, juniper and German beer

Slow-cooked shoulder of lamb with Jansson’s temptation and sautéed sprout tops

Matt Tebbutt recipes

Miles Kirby

New Zealander Miles Kirby is Caravan’s Chef/Director and Head Roaster. In 2010 he opened Caravan London’s Exmouth Market an all-day restaurant, bar and in-house coffee roaster. His ever-changing ‘well-travelled’ menu draws inspiration from his foodie travels across the globe

Pork and Chinese chive dumplings with Sichuan chilli oil and black vinegar mayonnaise

Miles Kirby recipes

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SATURDAY KITCHEN RECIPES from previous programmes

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