Saturday Kitchen Recipes 16 Sep 2017

SATURDAY KITCHEN RECIPES from this weeks show

Sabrina Ghayour

The Tehran-born cookbook writer, famed for her bestselling debut recipe collection Persiana, will be helping the rest of us feed each other senseless with her opulent new volume, Feasts. The Persian cook says her dishes are all about love, honesty and simplicity – in generous portions

Harrissa lamb with cumin-fried padron peppers and peach, feta and mint salad

Sabrina Ghayour recipes

Matt Tebbutt

Matt Tebbutt hosts this weeks Saturday Kitchen Live

Truffle gnudi with broad beans, grilled Gem lettuce and pea purée

Poached fillet of beef with bone marrow and burnt butter hollandaise

Japanese seafood hotpot with miso vegetables

Matt Tebbutt recipes

Saturday Kitchen Chefs - Ching He Huang

Ching-He Huang

International Emmy nominated TV chef & cookery author who has become an ambassador of Chinese cooking around the world. Born in Taiwan, raised in South Africa and U.K., cookery was a vital connection between Ching and her Chinese heritage

Pineapple chicken with guo bao rice

Ching-He Huang recipes

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SATURDAY KITCHEN RECIPES from previous programmes

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Highly anticipated follow-up to award winning Persiana & No.1 bestseller Sirocco, Sabrina presents more Middle-Eastern dishes from breakfasts to banquets and the simple to the sumptuous

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Mary’s updated million-selling cookbook packed with over 650 everyday Mary Berry recipes, this is the biggest ever cookbook from Britain’s best-loved cookery writer that no kitchen should be without

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Over 110 innovative recipes In his stunning new baking and desserts cookbook Yotam and Helen Goh bring the Ottolenghi hallmarks of fresh, evocative ingredients and exotic spices

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From Tuscan tomato and bread soup to simple spaghettis or lemon and pistachio polenta cake, Made at Home is a colourful collection of the food that Michelin-starred Giorgio loves to prepare for family and friends

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