Saturday Kitchen Recipes 18 Feb 2017

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Stuffed pork loin and dauphinoise potatoes
Prep 30m Cook 2h Serve 16

Braised beef cheeks with beer and mash

Prep under 30m Cook over 2h Serve 4

Bramley apple slice
Prep under 30m Cook 10-30m Serve 4

SATURDAY KITCHEN RECIPES from this weeks show

Luke Tipping

Luke was awarded the first ever Midlands Chef of the Year Award and received a Professorship of Culinary Arts by University College Birmingham in 2010, Luke has worked at Simpsons for 20 year and describes his cooking style as natural, seasonal and free flowing

Beef fillet with chicory and blue cheese salad and celeriac chips

Luke Tipping recipes

Michel Roux Jr

The current Saturday Kitchen edition is presented by Michel Roux Jr

Oysters in coconut crumb with beetroot mayonnaise

Spicy fregola with scallops and crispy kale

Duck leg Charlottes

Michel Roux Jr., 56, was seen arriving at the alleged test shoot for Channel 4’s Great British Bake Off, keeping a low profile as he was ushered into the house. Irish chef Rachel Allen was also spotted at the scene, laughing and joking with production members on the street

Michel Roux Jr recipes

José Pizarro

José has recently opened a third restaurant in the newly developed Broadgate Circle, near Liverpool Street. This restaurant is a representation of José Pizarro’s twenty years of cooking, and as he says, like nothing you’ve seen from him before

Flamenquín de cerdo Ibérico with romesco sauce, calamari and aioli

Jose Pizarro recipes


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