Saturday Kitchen Recipes 18 Mar 2017

Saturday Kitchen Recipes 18 Mar 2017


Saturday Kitchen recipes

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Sat 18 Mar BBC2 12pm

In episode 5 of the Little Paris Kitchen Rachel makes iles flottantes – floating islands – delicately poached meringues on a creamy vanilla custard.

SATURDAY KITCHEN RECIPES from this weeks show

Galton Blackiston

Galton has held a Michelin star for 14 years and become UK Craft Guild of Chefs ‘Chef of the year’, East Anglian Chef of the Year and fellow of the craft guild of chefs.

Squid-ink-battered halibut with Thai green emulsion

Galton Blackiston recipes

Matt Tebbutt

Matt Tebbutt hosts this weeks Saturday Kitchen.

Amaretti biscuits

Tiramisu roulade cake

Clams, crab, chorizo and chilli

Matt Tebbutt recipes

 Phil Howard

Chef Phil Howard sold the two Michelin-starred The Square this year and opened Elystan Street in South Kensington with a salad and vegetable-heavy menu

Warm salad of sprouting broccoli, morels and duck egg with cashew milk and almonds

Phil Howard recipes

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