Saturday Kitchen Recipes 21 Jan 2016

Saturday Kitchen Recipes 21 Jan 2016

POPULAR RIGHT NOW top Saturday Kitchen recipes

Stuffed pork loin and dauphinoise potatoes
Prep 30m Cook 2h Serve 16

Chicken with chorizo bean stew
Prep under 30m Cook 10-30m Serve 2

Chicken curry
with basmati rice
Prep under 30m Cook 10-30m Serve 10

SATURDAY KITCHEN RECIPES from this weeks show

Tonia Buxton

Lamb koftas with spicy tahini dip

Tonia is presenter of The Discovery Channels’ award winning series My Greek Kitchen and an historian, writer, gourmet cook and beauty expert which she balances with being a wife and mum to four children!
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Matt Tebbutt

Superfood salad with a piri-piri dressing

Deep-fried crab claws with crab ravioli

Coconut tart with spiced rum pineapple

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 Fernando Stovell

Chargrilled beef fillet with cabbage and truffle mash

Fernando was born and grew up in Mexico. His dad is Mexican, his mum is English. His mum’s mum was Austrian and his dad’s mum was born in Cuba. His wife Kristy is a Kiwi! What a mix!
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A comprehensive guide to creating restaurant-standard food in the comfort of your own home. A stunning collaboration between Tonia and the team of chefs at The Real Greek.

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