Saturday Kitchen Recipes 22 Apr 2017

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SATURDAY KITCHEN RECIPES from this weeks show

Rich Turner

One of the most impressive facts about Richard Turner is that he is largely self-taught. While most of his contemporaries have trained with other Michelin-starred chefs on their way to the accolade, Turner set about earning his title on his own

Oxtail poutine and butter-fried steak with golden garlic

Rich Turner recipes

John Torode

John Torode hosts this weeks episode of Saturday Kitchen

Black cod with saikyo miso and sesame spinach

Pork, beans and kimchi with ssamjang

Grilled squid with an instant spiced mayonnaise

John Torode recipes

Lisa Allen

At just 23 Lisa was one of the first women to rise to the ranks of Head Chef in the Michelin-Starred Northcote. Her passion for local produce and regional cooking won her many accolades including “Best Chef of The Year”

Wild garlic soup with bacon-fat potatoes and sour cream

Lisa Allen recipes

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