Saturday Kitchen Recipes 28 Oct 2017

SATURDAY KITCHEN RECIPES from this weeks show

Marianna Leivaditaki

Marianna is head chef at Morito’s delicious new outpost on Hackney Road. The menu is mostly hooked around gorgeous, uplifting food from Spain and North Africa but eating some of the dishes also transport you to parts of the island of Crete in Greece, where she was born

Pan-fried red mullet with rosemary and a cabbage salad

Marianna Leivaditaki recipes

Matt Tebbutt

Matt Tebbutt hosts this weeks Saturday Kitchen Live

Olive and spelt broth with tuna

Poached halibut with artichokes and béarnaise sauce

Egg yolk and goats’ cheese ravioli

Matt Tebbutt recipes

Peter Gordon

Peter Gordon is often credited as the ‘godfather’ of fusion cuisine. He pushes the boundaries of where one national cuisine starts and another stops. “Fusion can create the most stimulating meal you’ll ever eat,” he says. “It’s fun and it’s playful”

Venison, coconut-curried pumpkin and mustard cabbage

Peter Gordon recipes

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SATURDAY KITCHEN RECIPES from previous programmes

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