Saturday Kitchen Recipes Today 17 Oct 2015

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Yotam Ottolenghi

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James Martin

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Michael O’Hare

Treat Yourself this Weekend

No matter how busy you are, you’ll find that healthy eating the Jamie way is both straightforward and achievable, making it super easy to choose exactly the kind of meals that suit you.

The book is divided into breakfasts (up to 400 calories), lunches (up to 600 calories) and dinners (up to 600 calories), and every tasty meal is nutritionally balanced so that any combination over the day will bring you in under your recommended daily allowance of calories (2000 women/2,500 men), allowing you to enjoy snacks and drinks on the side.

‘The healthy recipes that helped Jamie lose two stone’ Sunday Times

More Recipes from your favourite chef

No1. Bestseller. 120 of the most popular dishes from Yotam’s innovative Soho-based restaurant NOPI which will inspire, challenge and delight. All have been adapted and made possible for the home cook to recreate at home.

Let your oven do the work as James Martin, host of Saturday Kitchen, shows how cooking slowly is the perfect way to draw out flavours and textures, enabling you to produce mouthwatering dishes with minimum effort.

Tony and Cyrus add their own spicy twist to our most classic and best-loved dishes. Try jazzing up a Sunday roast chicken with honey and ginger or adding a cumin and coriander kick to a shepherd’s pie.

Fresh and zingy, exciting and exotic, but also satisfyingly homely and hearty. A wonderful melting pot of flavours: traditional Coconut Chicken Rundown sits alongside Red Bean and Spinach Mac ‘n’ Cheese and Baked Eggs Creole.