Saturday Kitchen Recipes Today 20 Aug 2016

Saturday Kitchen Recipes - Lorraine Pascale

SATURDAY KITCHEN RECIPES from the latest show


Jose Pizzaro

Marinated lamb neck with roasted potatoes and tomatoes

Josè worked in award–winning Meson de Doña Filo in Madrid before coming to London. He opened Josè Tapas Bar in 2011 then Pizarro Restaurant and In 2015 the Broadgate restaurant in the heart of the City.


Lorraine Pascale

Asian-style pulled pork with spicy slaw

Chicken tikka masala with red onion salad

Vanilla and yoghurt panna cotta with pomegranate jelly


 Galton Blackiston

Poached sea trout with crushed purple potatoes, mango salsa, asparagus and basil vinaigrette

Galton is the owner and chef patron of the 17th century Michelin starred Morston Hall on the North Norfolk coast. Named in the top 100 restaurants in the UK Galton has held a Michelin star for 14 years.

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